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Who We Are...

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create quality wood pieces, that are desired by the client and not to have a need for sourcing wood from healthy standing timber, for the sake of creating a product. We believe in conservation of nature overall, which means to us, is the only responsible way to assure sustainability and to do our part in helping fight deforestation. We will always look to first source our wood from trees that are near or at end-of-life, due to being deemed a safety hazard to life or property, sustained irreparable damage, or an existing and untreatable disease. 

We also believe in waste minimization. We do our best to try and combat as much waste as possible by using the remaining materials from current projects, for future projects or any unusable wood for woodworking, by repurposing them into other useful products, like rough sawn lumber, firewood, and BBQ smoking wood.

Oil Creek State Park Fall

Our company was founded in the South Carolina Pines, by South Carolina craftsmen and with them they brought nuances of the Adirondack Mountains and Rural Pennsylvania from a past time.

From Where We Hail...

Adirondack High Peaks

With a love for wood and nature, coupled with the desire to be students of their craft, you will find that a grade and level of professionalism is unmatched by most others.

Our goal is to provide the finest handcrafted products to those that appreciate them.

Excellence and Professionalism

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